18 thoughts on “Raan’s Doll – C03P96

  1. Oh my…. This cliffhanger.
    This was long way coming. But this cliffhanger is just making me more anxious.
    Please release the next chapter more faster🙏🙏🙏.
    And soo great work really. So great..

  2. Vivement la suite pour qu’on sache se que vont devenir les personnages de cette histoire.

  3. Can’t get enough. I’m hooked on the ongoing story. Each new addition keeps me waiting for more. Originally started reading for the great artwork, but the more I read the more pulled into the story plot I get.

  4. Couldn’t help but notice how the short hair Sammy (wich looks really cute by the way) hair has grown out as the start of this chapter. Wondering if this could be picking where it left off with Sammy prepping and getting ready in the shower?

  5. Thanks for the update! Looks like there has been a slight fast forward. Does Sammy has his/her ear pierced now?

      1. Perfect!! Just perfect. Take your time for every change on Sammy. It makes the story even more interesting. I am not sure how far is she going but you own this story and yes we are waiting exited for every new post. Your history is great, thank you for take the time to produce it with such a great quality. Kisses!

  6. Never seen such a long winded story on a GF wanting to buttfuck her BF with a strapon, but is pussyfooting around for ages not doing shit. So this whole story ends with the dude being buttfucked by Raan. WE GET IT!!!! Fucking finish it already.

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