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  1. Expand your Horizons, Raan! Just talk to him and let him know you’d like to try a strap-on. Chances are he’ll try it! I tried it with my girlfriend when I was 21. Your partner will understand!

  2. Wonder if they’ll go out to eat as Raan and Blonde Sammy. Hope so. Can’t wait to see if they’ll adventure further with the online purchases.

  3. Yeah I’m looking forward to Raan’s and Sammy’s first night out. But don’t take so long for me the next installment.

  4. I’m conflicted so far.

    On one hand, it’s great to see these two struggle with their own insecurities, and their relationship. The BDSM is pretty spot on, and little touches like the master and his kitten, and that one girl in Nessy’s entourage deciding to transition, really makes this a trans and kink-positive experience. Safe words actually get used. Good stuff.

    On the other hand though, the pronoun use for Sammy is either inconsistent (even among her kinky friends and her own girlfriend), or outright treated as a toy to fuel the other problematic thing about the work; Sammy’s feminization is treated like a joke. A farce. Way too many times, there’s an air of “he’s just a weirdo, he won’t do this weird stuff all the time”, even when Sammy is really enjoying herself.

    Raan’s excessive dominance piles onto this. She comes on to Sammy, and I swear, some of those facial expressions look more like extreme discomfort on Sammy’s part. I get that they both grapple with the shame and embarrassment of the lifestyle (apparently), but that shit doesn’t fly. It’s clear that Raan is a closeted gay girl with an interest in kink. That’s all well and good. Actually wait, no, that’s not right. She says she “might have turned gay” seeing Sammy dolled up on the dance floor. So this really IS just a fetish for her, and she does see Sammy as just a boy toy. Her repression is bubbling up in the form of grabbing her girlfriend by surprise. She literally dreamed about tying Sammy up without any prior consent.

    So we have Sammy falling in love with feminization, and Raan falling in love with being a Domme. Again, the thing that doesn’t match here is that Sammy clearly sees herself as a girl, but Raan is just taking advantage of that to get off. Kink shame aside, the fear of strap ons is a pretty clear indicator of this; Raan’s probably thinking “I can’t possibly fuck him, I have to ride his dick.” Right, and she totally loves Sammy for being “her girlfriend”. Raan’s taking advantage of her because neither of them know how to kink yet. But Raan had a crappy father so of course she’s allowed to act shitty. Hm.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love kink, and feminization, and I think this relationship can work. I get that a lot of conversation is what helps, and that that isn’t the most fun thing to put on screen, but Raan needs to grow up before someone gets seriously hurt. Maybe this is just a personal thing, and I just don’t love stories where people need to learn how not to be terrible people when conducting kinky relationships, but I’m positive that I would like this so much more if these two really knew what they were doing, especially Raan.

    Please tell me they get over this and become a proper kinky pair of girlfriends. They’re so damn cute together when Raan isn’t going ham on the Domme role.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Sammy clearly wants to be a full time girl but neither of them seem ready to broach the topic. I have hope that this will blossom into the wholesome lesbian story pretty soon tho

      1. aint that the realistic story mode it is? them both working into their story? at their pace?

        lesbian story?!!! this aint and have never been a lesbian story :O

    2. hey there!
      so, cant really comment much on this since that would be spoil things :p
      but you are right about how they have been handling thing, they both still have a lot to learn c:

  5. I love this series, it really is helping with what’s going on with me and my girl 🙂 she’s so hard on herself and i try to support her anyway i can.

    Also love the nod to sunstone that is another beautiful comic <3

  6. I agree. They both should go out as they are. Would be great for Raan to keep her dominant role and have Sammy go out as is.

  7. I happened to stumble upon this comic by mistake but the storyline and art are what made me stay. I like it a lot so far. 🙂

    I have to say..after reading Stjepan Sejic’s Sunstone comics I have to agree with Shan regarding Sammy to stand up for herself more with Rann. Submissives also have the control too, so just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she has to submit to everything Rann wants even when it obviously makes her uncomfortable at times. I know they both love each other very much but I hope if Rann ever gets too domineering that Sammy will put her foot down.

    I also felt Raan has daddy issues too. Her father was very controlling and in some ways still is so I kinda think that her interest in S&M could be because she feels that with that she can gain back some control over her own life. I’m sure also she has taken a sexual interest too but I just feel her issues with her father plays a part. Also, I always felt that Raan although could be pansexual she might have always been interested in women, and Sammy just brought it out more. Or maybe it’s not that she likes women in general but desires to have the female Sam more than the male.

    I could be all wrong but I wanted to share my two cents. 🙂 I look forward to chapter 4…if there will be any!

    1. there should be a chapter 4
      someday… need to focus on finish chapter 3 first 😛
      thanks a lot for your words!

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