13 thoughts on “Raan’s Doll – C03P83

  1. Oh god damn, i really wish i could be Sammy and have a girlfriend like Raan. PLZ Dreams come true….. Awesome wirk Kannel, i love the whole Story.

  2. Wow ducha a great story you got here. Please continue with it, i feel so atracted to it.

    Pd: how often do you upload?

  3. oh wow, I really wish it would happen to me…really nice work there!!
    I really hope got more…

  4. Is this story going to continue? I usually wait a couple months before checking. And how does this tie in to the start of the chapter? We must have these answers, Kannel!

  5. I love this story and the artwork is amazing, is there a chance we can have an update on when to expect more?

    1. Well… my Patreon is always one episode ahead, so there is more :p
      i have no plans on stopping, but im focused on finishing the Zoat now Part 2 now, so, it might take a while

      1. But your patreon is 2 parts ahead if you use the episode names from your deviant art page

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