11 thoughts on “Raan’s Doll – C03P51

  1. Hi, kannel. I admire your work, especially the Raan’s doll, but as a fan I wanted a spin off with the other Raan’s doll characters.

  2. I dont wannt to sound annoyng but, im really hooked, so i would like to know when will the next chapter come out. I dont need a date, but just round about 🙂 I really rellay love your work and i had to support you on Patreon. Keep up the masterpiece.

  3. Love your Art Kannel! I just recently found Raan’s Doll and LOVE it! The art is fantastic, the story is close to my heart (I’m a crossdresser myself and really love Sam – shy, trusting Raan), and a hot woman that accepts him – I wish I had that!
    I can’t wait for more and I’ll look into this Paetron thing – you need to keep making these!

  4. This whole story has made me really excited for my transition. Really hope I can start HRT soon! Thnk you for writing this and your other stories.

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