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  1. Great ending. Love how they’re finally opening up more. I do hope it will continue in another new chapter.

  2. Congrats on finishing an epic chapter! Was Sami popping some pills at the start? Maybe he’s started hormones?

    1. I don’t think so because I’m pretty sure Sammy doesn’t fully want too become a girl but wants to act like one and try and make Raan happy

  3. Can’t wait for chapter 4 to come out and confirm or deny a few suspicions i have about Raan and Sammy

  4. I love the tale of Raan’s Doll. It’s actually inspired me in a story I’m writing. Please don’t ever let their story ever end. You have actually brought two people to life and I want to see them live. I am also waiting with some excitement for Raan to start throwing out that male Sam and seeing our girl go public. Whether she wants to or not.

  5. I am in love with this series I find so many parallels between this and my life, although my fiance is a man not a woman. But similar conversations and all for sure.

    I’m more at like, chapter 2 sammy appearance wise, and only sometimes but I hope to keep going.

    What I love about this series is how caring they are to each other. Sammy’s not just Raan’s sub slut but they love each other. I want this with my partner. This made me so happy when I read through this yesterday.

    I can’t wait to read more!

  6. So on a recent re-read-through, I came across something. Back when they first experimented with ropes, Sammy called out “Sunstone” to let Raan know she’d gotten a cramp. But here, they’re acting like they’ve never discussed safe words before. Is Sammy elaborating on other methods, or did they simply only implement it for that one night and are discussing bringing it in full time?

    1. That time only sammy knew about safewords, raan is very confused at sammy if you notice…
      I put that in as a way to show that Sammy was somewhat already familiar with the world, but mostly was just a joke and i can see how it could have created some confusion :/

    1. sure, but it will take me a few months to put my thoughts together and prepare the script

      1. This is such an exciting comment. I’ve checked back a bit too frequently lately hoping for chapter 4…

      2. So thrilled to hear this! I was worried this story was done, but super happy to hear it isn’t!

  7. What a beautiful story. I love to see the characters evolving. You’ll make a fortune on the movie rights.

    I wonder though why they haven’t said they love each other yet.

  8. i read the last two chapters while hearing the soundtrack of “your name” in deluxe and goooooood some scenes matched so perfectly. i love it!!!

    1. should be Coming back “soonish” c:
      Plan it for the end of the year on my Patreon, later here

  9. Not to be annoying, because I love your art and understand getting busy, but when can we expect the next installment?

  10. Probably the best crossdressing comic so hard to find good ones even tho it’s got some sex it’s fine

  11. I love your work, your comic has really helped me open up toy SO about stuff, now ive been on hrt for a week with no intentions on looking back.

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