10 thoughts on “Raan’s Doll – C03P102

  1. Is Sammy taking hormones? Besides Raan’s present, Sammy seems a little bit more curvy. Also I noticed the purple purse or bag on the bed. Is that a surprise ?

      1. I think we need an update on those little details 😊 to enjoy it even more. This story is great!! And the art work quality is amazing. I love it !

  2. By the way Sammy finally fulfills his dream, simply beautiful, graphically and narratively speaking.

  3. Ughh, absolutely nothing from the last 50 pages. This shit is getting redundant. Get on with the story and have raan peg that twink. This story could have ended years ago. It just drags on. It takes two months for 8 pages. Thats pathetic!

    1. Good things take time, and you don’t have to read it. Remmber that kannel puts this up for free here and dosn’t owe you anything.

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