3 thoughts on “Insta Cosplay – P05

  1. awesome! I wish I could get a boy that I like into that machine, although I wouldn’t pick Starfire but I’d pick a (ultra)sexy Gamora cosplay 😉
    I love your art, and I’d love to buy all comics you draw but my income is very small and I don’t have a credit card 🙁 but I’m saving for it.
    also , I’d like a lot to see what happens with this couple AFTER the Con 😉
    kisses from Mexico

    1. I want to be a girl since i’m eleven years old. That would be awesome to live as a sissy:)

    2. Hey Sophia, My name is Mia
      You wake interest in me with your comment about this comic that has quite story i have to said but i think its exotic, i like it.

      I also love the Art of Kannel Art, i cant wait to read his other comics when i buy them or someday i wish i also have enough money to buy them all, you and me have more things in common that i thought.

      I also give all my attention to your website and you’re someone really special that is cool to find someone that think in the same way like you so hope you agree to chat a little bit, to know each other and no one knows what can come after that.

      My email is garfmia0377@gmail.com if you want to know it and where to find me but i will wait your answer, if you want too obviously, by the way i see you’re from Mexico thats amazing porque yo tambien soy de ahi.

      Also kisses 😘 from here

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