13 thoughts on “Raan’s Doll – C03P73

  1. Didn’t know how to receive notification on updates, but do now. I’ve always seen your work through my web surfing (I know, ancient language speak), while looking for comic {humor}. Finally landed at this web address.
    Your art is fantastic.
    Please continue enrichening the human experience.

  2. I discovered your work yesterday and I love it, almost represents my life completely. keep on you are a great artist.

  3. Omg i love it !! Can’t wait for more…
    and no…i don’t really receive any notification but i do check here once in a while =D

  4. I love this Comic I want someone to make me there doll I was born to become a submissive girl

  5. You make a wonderfull job, love your stories.
    I love drawing and the tg even though i keep it as a secret.

    How much time does it takes you to make an update to the story?

  6. I come and check in often. I don’t get any notifications though.
    Your art is amazing though please keep updating this. I love the story.

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